7 Months Old Saturday, Oct 10 2015 

Stephen turned 7 months old today. He didn’t take any good naps, so he was kind of crabby by picture time. Fortunately we were able to get a few good ones of him. He usually is a pretty happy guy. He loves to see Mom and Dad and his brothers. He still doesn’t have any teeth, but that hasn’t stopped him from enjoying food. So far he hasn’t tried anything he doesn’t like – sweet potatoes, avocado, pear, apple. I almost feel bad making him eat green beans after all that. :) He didn’t get to enjoy his monthday treat, but his brothers sure enjoyed it!



Apple farm Wednesday, Oct 7 2015 

Today I went with Thomas and his pre-K class to a local apple farm. They got to learn about bees, see horses and chickens, have a hay ride, and eat some donuts. The only picture I got on my phone was them learning about Johnny Appleseed.


Angel Mass Wednesday, Sep 30 2015 

Yesterday Ethan’s class hosted the daily mass at his school. Since it was the feast of the Guardian angels, the first graders all dressed as angels. They sang a song at the end of mass and then posed for a picture for all the eager parents after everyone left the church. Ethan is third from the left in the middle row (I forgot to bring my good camera).


They all looked so sweet! And as Father pointed out during his homily, they truly are angels! :)

54 Months Tuesday, Sep 29 2015 

Yesterday Thomas turned 54 months. He is doing really well with school. He loves his teacher and is starting to make some friends. He loves to play football in the backyard and ride his bike anywhere. He gives great hugs and can be the sweetest little guy when he wants to be. :)


Sweet brothers Monday, Sep 28 2015 

They love each other so much.


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